We are long-time friends spending 24 hours a day doing what we do best: being creative. We work together, we party together, we spend our holidays together... we even used to live together. We’re a family, a home, a creative studio, that hosts visionary talents. Those who are the best and stand apart from the ordinary. We capitalize on our collective experiences in film, advertising and music to provide our talents with a creative vision, a robust network, and a solid knowhow to produce feature films, short films and documentaries. We also produce commercials, music videos, digital and print through our dedicated arm PHANTASM. And when we’re not at the office, you usually can find us at our club, SAUVAGES or at our restaurant TZANTZA. Feel free to come and hang.

We are risk takers and pioneers, craftsmen and explorers. We undertake groundbreaking projects or nothing at all. Otherwise what’s the point, right?

That’s us. Welcome to VIXENS.


Producer | PARTNER

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Clément Lepoutre

Producer | PARTNER

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Olivier Muller

Producer | PARTNER

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Production Coordinator

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